Directory of Costume Rental Shops

This article I wrote is meant to be a directory of costume shops from around the United States.  In this article on Squidoo, you can add costume shops that were left off the list (by region) and also vote shops up or down based on their service or quality.  Comments are also allowed. Related posts: How to Wash and Care for Costume Wigs Questions to Ask Before you Rent Costumes How

How to Wash and Care for Costume Wigs

This article I wrote for explains how to wash and care for costume-quality wigs.  This is a specific costume wig care article that deals with the special care that these mid-range quality wigs require.  These are nicer than Halloween wigs, and yet need more specialized care than top quality wigs do to keep them looking great for as many productions as possible. Related posts: Directory of Costume Rental Shops How

How to Take Body Measurements for Costumes

This article carefully outlines every step in taking measurements for costumes in a theatre production.  This is no ordinary sewing measurement how-to article, it deals specifically with the ins and outs of measurements for theatre.  Best practices, tips, even risk management and treating your actors or volunteers with respect and care through the process. Related posts: Costumes for Beauty and the Beast on a Budget Labeling Costumes for Theater Stock How

How to Organize a Costume Shop

Introduction Organizing costumes in storage can be a lot of work for organizations like schools, community theatres or colleges. It’s a rewarding project if you’re willing to put the time into it. In this article, we’ll go through the three main steps of organizing a costume stock: cleaning out, organizing and putting systems in place. Many organizations choose to keep a stock of costumes because it is less expensive to keep

mrs Potts costume

How to Make, Build, Buy or Rent a Beauty and the Beast Mrs. Potts Teapot Costume If you’re in a production of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” and are playing Mrs. Potts, the enchanted teapot, this is the best place to find information on making, buying, building or renting a Mrs. Potts costume for that production. I have links to other helpful articles all about taking measurements, costuming Beauty and the