Safety Tattoos for Children’s Allergies and Medical Alerts

safety tattoos

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I love to travel, and when we travel with our kids I have a habit of writing our phone numbers on their arms just in case they get separated from us.  Seems a little weird, but I just whip out a pen and write on them.  I started creating a new line of safety tattoos for families because they’re a better version of that original idea!

Temporary tattoos in my line are customizable.  You can edit the text, add your name, add specific medical information and add a cell phone number.  Most come in a sheet of 16, for around $1 each or less, a great deal for piece of mind.  Customizable temporary tattoos won’t wash or rub off like ink pen.  Give your kids the security of knowing they will be able to get someone in touch with you quickly and easily should they get lost or have an allergic reaction.

This line includes medical alert custom tattoos, food allergy alerts, and if lost please call personalized temporary tattoos.

Zazzle customized temporary tattoo discounts: Save 13% when you purchase 3 sheets or more.  Each sheet has 16 designs.  For all designs, bookmark this page!

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