How to Make a Lumiere Costume

How to Make a Lumiere Costume

Buy, Build or Rent a Beauty and the Beast Lumiere Costume

If you’re in a production of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” and are playing Lumiere, the enchanted candlestick, this is the best place to find information on making, buying, building or renting a Lumiere costume for that production.

I was a professional costumer for ten years, and I worked mostly with community theatres and high schools that were on a budget.  Beauty and the Beast costumes can be very expensive for your average school or theatre, so these options may be helpful for  you.

I have links to other helpful articles all about taking measurements, costuming Beauty and the Beast, caring for wigs and much, much more. We’ll talk about the head wear, wigs, costume pieces, and footwear needed.

Research Your Show: Beauty and the Beast

Even though this is a cartoon version, the Disney play is based on the story told in this animated version of the story, making this the best movie to watch to research the show and the style. As with any play that was based first on a movie (like Christmas Story, Wizard of Oz and others), choose carefully which things you think the audience will expect to look just like the movie, a little like the movie or won’t care if it’s anything like the movie. The more pivotal the detail or role, the more married to the original concept they probably are.


Lumiere’s Headwear – Hats and Candle Pieces

For the first part of the play, Lumiere is enchanted and needs his enchanted candlestick type hat. This could take some creativity, but I suggest starting with a base hat (any large sturdy hat or helmet) and add some thick foam (or a yoga mat) around the outside, making a tall tube (to look like a candle stub). Then cut to make it look like it’s melted. Add expandable spray foam to create the candle wax “drips”. Paint white and accent with spray glitter paint.

For the last part of the show, Lumiere becomes human again, and will need a good quality tricorn hat to wear over his wig, which I’ll talk about below.


General Costume Wear for Lumiere – Jacket, shirt, knickers and vest!

For both parts of the show, Lumiere will need a white shirt (you can use a regular button down and add neck jabot and sleeve ruffs, which I’ll talk about later), pair of knickers (in a combination of black and/or gold and/or silver), and a fancy colonial style jacket.

To make things easier, you can start with a pair of black knickers or black pants shortened and add designs, stripes or harlequin diamonds to them with ribbon.

The jacket is really one item you may want to purchase if you’re not able to build it. It is the only piece that’s more complicated to sew.


Lumiere’s Footwear – Shoes, boots, spats or buckles!

If Lumiere is wearing knickers instead of long pants, you’ll want a pair of colonial socks. They’re long enough to cover the gap between a regular sock and the knickers. They’re also fairly heavy duty and should last a few performances. If you’re looking to not do laundry each day, buy a couple pair.

For shoes, you could do a black dress shoe (any with a black sole) and just add boot buckles. They’re really affordable and can be reused by others because size isn’t an option. The same goes for boot spats or boot toppers as they’re sometimes called.


Lumiere’s Accessories – Jabots and candle lights

Lumiere will need a set of fluffy jabot collar and cuffs. This makes it easy for you to have him wear a simple white shirt–the jabot and cuffs make it period-appropriate without breaking the bank.

I’ve included a pattern for jabot and cuffs because sometimes it’s fun to have a gold lame set for the enchanted version of Lumiere.

The butane lighters are for the hand candles. DO NOT use these if your fire marshal does not approve of open flame in your theatre venue. The candle pieces can be made much like the hat, which is described in headwear.

The gold spray paint is for jazzing up any part of the costume that you’d like. The hand candles, the cuffs.


Hair Styles

Lumiere’s Wigs – Colonial style men’s wigs

The colonial man’s wig is the type of wig Lumiere should wear. I recommend a white colonial man’s wig in white to wear with or under the candlestick hat (they could be glued together to make it easier to wear and to help it stay on), and a similar style wig in brown for the human Lumiere.

I also definitely recommend that you get two wigs for Lumiere, whether you get two white or one white and one brown. It’s best to combine the wig and candle top and have a separate wig for the last scene.

Or Just Buy One

Beauty and the Beast Cast Gift Ideas

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