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To Thine Own Self Be True

Twenty years ago I found the theatre.  As a shy, introverted young person I never would have thought I would love it as much as I did.  Something inside me comes alive when entering a theatre to do work, to create something that engages both the audience and the actors and the crew in a transformative experience.  It feels meaningful to be a part of something that can impact people’s emotions

custom fundraising event invitations

The Best Custom Fundraising Event Invitations to Send to Your Supporters Are you planning a special event to raise funds for your nonprofit? You’ll want to find the best custom fundraising event invitations to send to your invitees. You want to give a great first impression to those you’re inviting to this special event, and let them know that they’ll be treated well and have a great time if they come

How to Format a Donation Request Letter

This article on has all kinds of great information about formatting a donation request letter.  Do you want to do a theatre fundraising campaign by writing a letter to gain support from your stakeholders?  This article will tell you how to start your letter, how to know your audience, how best to solicit donations and how to wrap it up.  Make your donors feel great about giving to your theatre!

Design a Theater Cast Shirt

This article on explains how you can design theatre cast shirts in a way that allows you minimal effort and headache while still making a little money for your theatre. Related posts: How to Format a Donation Request Letter Labeling Costumes for Theater Stock Custom Family Vacation Shirt Ideas How to Wash and Care for Costume Wigs